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At Boulder Therapeutics, we’re here to support you in your yoga practice. Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to deepen you’re practice, we’re here to help!

How We Can Help You!

We know alignment. We understand the biomechanics of the poses. And many of us have been practicing yoga for years. As soft-tissue specialists, we can help you prevent injuries, rehab an injury or get into poses that are challenging for you. We’ll assess what’s holding you back in your practice and teach you where to stretch and what muscles to strengthen. We’ve developed a “Yoga Massage Checklist” to review key anatomical landmarks and specific muscle function for anyone looking for more education about their bodies.

Schedule an injury or therapeutic session with our team or sign up for an assessment from David, our Sports/Injury Specialist and Yoga Anatomy instructor.

Our Experience

We’re experts in soft-tissue injuries and most of us practice yoga. Our Injury Specialist, David, has been practicing yoga since 1998 taking his first class at Richard Freeman’s studio, in Boulder. David has been teaching anatomy to hundreds yoga instructors since 2005. He travels the country teaching a Level 1 & Advanced Level 2 Functional Anatomy class which he designed specifically for yoga instructors to help prevent injuries in yoga classes.

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Advanced anatomy training:  proper movement of the shoulder joint

Advanced anatomy training: proper movement of the shoulder joint

Yoga anatomy alignment class.  Teaching injury prevention to yoga instructors.

Dear David, I just wanted to thank you for all the time you gave us this weekend educating our class on anatomy. You were so generous to give up a Friday night and Saturday morning and come to Core Power to share your experience. You did an excellent job presenting all the material and it’s clear you are passonate about your work. I wish you continued success in your business. With gratitude,Kerry W, yoga instructor. 10/18/09 Minneapolis Level 1 Anatomy Training
Hi David, Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that your anatomy lesson was awesome at CPY Level Two Training! I had a student ask me about pain she was having in her wrists last night and I asked her to show me her down dog, high plank, and up dog. I noticed the eyes of her elbows were pointed out the entire time and she was putting her weight into the pinky side edge of her hands. I showed her proper alignment and she was amazed at how much more comfortable the poses became with a turn of her elbows. It was such a gratifying experience for me to help her out using your “look up stream” philosophy! Thanks so much for the awesome anatomy educational experience 🙂A Denver yoga instructor 2/5/15, Level 2 Functional Anatomy
Kind words from the RootEd yoga students

Kind words from the RootEd yoga students. 11/30/12

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