Yoga Alignment, Anatomy, “Double-Jointed” and Freedom of the Spine: An Interview with our Founder

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In this interview with Alec Rouben from Yoga Revealed, hear our Founder and Injury Specialist, David Abookire, as he discusses Yoga, Anatomy, Alignment and how to keep your yoga practice SAFE! David discusses hypermobility, “double-jointed”, and different styles of yoga, with a focus on which style of yoga might be right for your body. Learn more and become empowered to unleash your full potential.

There is an audio podcast as well as a video.

Learn more about Hypermobility and Double-Jointed.

About the Author: David is the founder of Boulder Therapeutics, Inc, and has been treating yogis, athletes and injured clients since 1999. He is passionate about educating people on anatomy, biomechanics, massage therapy, injury rehab & injury prevention, sports performance and stretching. He has a special interest in hypermobility as he taught hundreds of yoga students and teachers to avoid over-stretching in his “Yoga Anatomy” classes.

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