Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents

Injury Massage for your Auto Accident? We can help!

Massage Therapy and Acupuncture for Car Accidents: Medpay Insurance & Attorney Liens

Auto Insurance Massage TherapyWe are sorry to hear that you were injured in a recent auto accident. Know that we’re here to support you and to help facilitate the process with your insurance company or attorney. We accept most types of Auto Insurance and may also be able to accept an Attorney Lien for your motor vehicle accident massage therapy. Our multidisciplinary clinics have massage therapists and acupuncturists who are trained to treat whiplash, back pain & symptoms from auto accidents. We can assist you in working with your auto insurance company as we’ve been providing massage therapy and acupuncture treatments for car accident patients since 1999. (Fill out your paperwork online.)

Get Preapproved!

Please contact our office by filling out the form below or calling 303-444-1171 to leave a voicemail with all the information listed below. If we’re unable to pre-approve you before your visit, we’ll simply charge you our cash rate and then reimburse you for your session if/when we get paid by your Insurance company. A copay may be required, depending on your auto insurance plan.

Auto Insurance Massage Preapproval Form

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. PLEASE NOTE: *A “thank you” email will be sent to your email address if the form below is submitted to us correctly.

    If yes, please email a copy of your prescription to and also list the details of the prescription in the box below.

Already Scheduled for an Auto Insurance Massage Therapy Session?

Please Fill out your Intake Paperwork Forms Online Before Your Session:

Please complete your paperwork online for our Boulder or Superior offices BEFORE your first session. We do require your credit card information on the “Financial Agreement” form. Thank you!

If you have any auto accident insurance related questions, please contact David at 303-444-1171.

Boulder Therapeutics is AMAZING! I came here after my car accident, and David worked with me and my insurance so that I basically didn’t have to do anything but made sure I was filled in on everything that was going on! He continued to check in on me and was incredibly responsive to anything I needed help with. My massage therapists were incredible! They genuinely cared about my progress and healing process. Couldn’t recommend more!Kami