About Us

About-Boulder-TherapeuticsBoulder Therapeutics takes great pride in our ability to help injured clients and athletes reach their full potential. We have specialized in Sports Massage Therapy, Injury Rehab/Prevention & Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage since 1999 and we’ve added Acupuncture treatments and partnered with Personal Trainers at many of our office. Our therapists always provide results-oriented therapeutic treatments.

About Our Founder

Our founder and Sports/Injury Specialist, David Abookire, worked as the team massage therapist for the Colorado Rapids for 12 seasons. He has consulted for numerous other sports teams and also worked with hundreds of professional athletes and injured clients in his private practice with excellent results. David has personally worked with every therapist on the Boulder Therapeutics staff and believes in the team approach to health care. It is our goal to customize every session to be specific to your needs by utilizing the same knowledge, skills and experience we have developed working with professional level athletes and injuries.

How we are different

We are much more than just a massage therapy clinic. Think of us as specialists in muscular or soft-tissue related ailments. Our talented therapists listen to your needs, assess your symptoms, evaluate the cause(s) of your pain and help unwind your patterns. We often collaborate with our in-house acupuncturists and movement therapists, if needed. We are clear with our goals and will constantly reassess your progress to make sure you are healing. Often, we suggest stretches, exercises or make training recommendations to empower you to continue healing and make wise decisions while outside of our office. We’re working together and need you to be an active participant in your care. We also take notes at every session to track progress and ensure you are getting results.

About Our Locations

We believe in collaboration and have worked in Boulder since 1999:

Levels of Service

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage Therapists

Let our skilled massage therapists create a session designed for your specific needs. Our professional therapists have over 600 hours of supervised training, are licensed massage therapists (or other skilled professionals) and are trained to provide Sports Massage, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage or a more Relaxing session if you prefer. All of our therapists have worked with athletes and have treated our Sports/Injury Specialist. Some of our Acupuncturists with advanced soft-tissue skills will provide this service.

Injury Massage Therapists | Advanced Treatment Work

Our Advanced Massage Therapists have many years experience working with athletes and injuries. Their ongoing training and higher skill-set allows them to offer you more advanced treatment for your injuries. Schedule an Injury Massage with one of our skilled advanced massage therapists or Acupuncturists with advanced soft-tissue skills.

Sports/Injury Specialist

Looking for a higher level of care? David Abookire, our owner and Sports/Injury Specialist has over 20 years experience working with professional athletes and injuries. David is very successful in working challenging muscular, joint and nerve injuries, and he also works with many professional athletes to help give them an edge over their competition. David most often works from our Boulder location.

Sports Acupuncture, Wellness Acupuncture & Dry Needling

With a balance of East/West, our team can provide focused work on an injury, sports acupuncture to decrease recovery time for athletes or support your nervous system by bringing balance back to your body. Often, the sessions will blend a combination of soft-tissue work, gua sha, cupping and needles. We can also provide “Western” Dry Needling into trigger points.

Corrective Exercises

Our team will evaluate how you move, identify imbalances and provide highly-effective exercises to help bring balanced strength to your body. This work is more about learning how to move properly than about lifting heavy weights.


We strongly believe in the synergistic approach to health care. Each of the Boulder Therapeutics offices reside within larger health and wellness facilities or sports performance facilities, we also have working relationships with other local practitioners. Depending on your needs, a unique treatment plan can be created that combines massage therapy and/or acupuncture sessions with specific treatments from other health and wellness professionals.