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Onsite Out-call Corporate Chair MassageCorporate Chair Massage for companies in Boulder

Boulder Therapeutics offers on-site therapeutic and relaxation massage at your office. We have talented therapists providing chair massage and clothed table massage in multiple companies throughout Boulder & Denver. All massage therapists and medical practitioners at Boulder Therapeutics are licensed, certified, insured and have advanced training. Show your staff that their efforts are appreciated by offering any of these wonderful benefits.

corporate chair massage therapy on-site for company employees

Corporate Employee Chair Massage

On-site corporate employee chair massage is an effective tool to help increase productivity at your workplace. Because of its size, a massage chair can fit in a smaller area allowing our therapists to provide sessions in a smaller workspace.

Why Clothed Table Massage Therapy?

At Boulder Therapeutics, we are trained to provide therapeutic & injury massage. If you have the space, a massage table is more comfortable than a chair and allows our therapists to more adequately address the lower back, hips and legs. Also, carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndromes are better treated on a massage table. Employees remain
clothed at all times to protect their privacy and modesty.

Massage Therapy will Benefit Your Company!

Consistent corporate massage sessions have been shown to reduce stress, decrease repetitive-stress injuries & absenteeism and increase overall productivity, plus your employees will love you for it.

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

chair-massage-for-employees-in-BoulderYour employees work hard and need support to avoid burnout. A short massage during breaks or lunch to take care of themselves helps them stay healthy and focused. Employees may choose a session designed specifically for stress reduction or they may prefer to focus on pain management. Upon request, our massage therapist will focus on specific problem areas like the neck, shoulders, back, arms or legs. Treatments are documented after each session so we can track progress and follow-up with stretches, exercises and other home care.

Common Corporate Massage Plans

  1. Company pays 100% – employee participation is high.
  2. Company and Employee split cost – for example a 50/50 split.
  3. Employee pays 100% – fewer employees participate.


Boulder Therapeutics has been providing massage therapy services in the Boulder-Denver area since 1999. We specialize in the treatment of injuries, medical conditions and stress-reduction and bring this experience to our corporate clients. We work on-site with many companies in the Boulder-Denver area providing chair massage and clothed table massage.

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On-site massage reduces work-related stress, improves alertness, performance and productivity.Crain's Chicago Business
Employees are feeling less stress, and are more productive on the job and are less likely to take unplanned time off from work.HRMagazine
In the 100 Best Companies to Work For they found that massage is an employee benefit at 90% of the best companies.Fortune Magazine
At Boeing and Reebok, headaches, back strain, and fatigue have all fallen since the companies started bringing in massage therapists… Doctors are prescribing massage to help patients manage stress and pain. The Magic of Touch, NewsweekBoeing and Reebok

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Corporate Chair Massage

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