How to Sit? Do a Squat. Learn Proper Form

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How to Sit or Stand from a Chair

Too often, when sitting, we PLOP into a chair.
And when standing, we use MOMENTUM to get up.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY! Instead use your muscles and raise & lower SLOWLY.

Squats Every Day?

Did you know that you do squats EVERYDAY? Each time you get up from a chair, or sit down from standing into a seated position, you are doing a squat.

Squats are not just done in the gym…and with heavy weights. While that can be a great way to build strength, you can start without weights and by holding on to a chair or band until you build up enough strength.

Learn Proper Squat Form…and get STRONGER!

We believe in training functional movements and proper alignment, to keep your spine and joints safer.
So how do you squat correctly?

  • Bend at the Hips so your Gluteals stick behind you
  • Tone your Core
  • Press weight thru your feet
  • Keep your Knees planted Hips distance apart
  • Lower or Raise slowly

Try this at Home

Watch our client do a squat without weight and assisted by a TRX band.
FIRST, learn how to move THEN try a supported squat AND FINALLY add weight for resistance and strength. Functional movements save your joints and spine!

For more videos on posture, try these links:

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