Stay Healthy this Fall

Acupuncture During the Change of Seasons: Autumn is the Season of the Lungs

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How the Fall affects the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Stay Healthy this FallStay Healthy This Fall

With the change of seasons comes the preparation for the upcoming change in weather. In the fall, we start to change our wardrobe, maybe add a little pumpkin spice into our diet, and welcome scents that remind us of cherished memories. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Fall season is said to be the season of the Lungs. It is during this season we should pay particular attention to our immune health as this is a direct correlation to the health of our Lungs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Lungs

There are a few traits of the Lungs that TCM relates to the upper respiratory system. One such trait is the nose, which is said to be the orifice of the Lungs, and therefore smell is the sense of the Lungs. Another trait of our upper respiratory system – the throat – is said to be the “door” of the Lungs. Many common nose and throat disorders are treated through the Lungs in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture & Diet for Dryness

A well-known characteristic of Autumn (especially in Colorado) can be summarized in one word: Dryness. It is especially important during this time to try and offset excessive dryness by incorporating moistening foods into the diet such as soy milk, tofu, almonds, spinach, barley, pears, apples, persimmons, seaweeds, and loquat to name a few. Interesting how this list includes a few who are harvested around this time of the year! As always, too much of a good thing can be bad so be sure to use moistening foods in moderation.

Lungs: the Delicate Organ

The Lungs, Metal in element, are said to be the “delicate” organ due to their susceptibility to fleeting events such as colds/flu. Staying active, getting rest and having a healthy diet are just a few ways to support your Lungs and stay healthy during the Fall season.

How Grief Affects Your Lungs

The Lungs can also be affected by fleeting emotions. One such emotion has more power over the Lungs than any other: Grief. Unresolved grief burdens and settles in the Lungs, disallowing our ability to find joy and receive (among many things) inspiration. Healthy expression of emotion is always necessary and welcomed. Take this time to look inwards. Be it with meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, or whatever! Search inwards for what no longer serves you, allow yourself to let go. Create space for the feelings that are sure to follow letting go of that small piece of you ~~

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