What Activities Have You Given Up? Get Inspired!

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Scott H., client and friend, learned to kite board in his mid-sixties. Get Inspired!

What Activities Have You Given Up?

Get Inspired…Let Us Help!

Staying active is important. Whether you like to walk, swim, jog, bike or do yoga, physical activity is important to maintain a strong, healthy body. And we’re here to support you in being as active as possible.

Have You Given Up Sports or Other Activities?

Have you found yourself giving up activities that you used to love? Maybe you used to ski, hike, run or bike but have cut that out of your life recently. And maybe you’ve blamed it on getting older. Take a deep look into why you’ve stopped being as active. Be as specific as possible. Do you have pain or discomfort in a certain body part? What specific actions cause you pain? When does it hurt? Don’t just write this off as getting old because there is often something that can be done.

A Systematic Approach to Healing

It’s our job to help you evaluate your pain patterns to help you feel great and stay active. We can assess the reasons you’ve stopped your activity, evaluate your movement patterns and joint range of motion and help you determine exactly when/why you feel pain. Then, we’ll design a program of strengthening & stretching to support your massage therapy sessions, to help unwind your pain pattern and help you recover. Like a coach, we’ll guide you on how to slowly start reintroducing similar activities until you’re able to start your sport again. And if we feel certain activities aren’t healthy for your body…we’ll let you know and discuss alternatives. We’ve worked with a number of clients who had given up certain activities completely but are doing them again…virtually pain free.

Stay Active As Long As you Like

Our job is to help you get results when you’re in pain, help prevent future injuries and keep you as active as you like for as long as you like. We will outline programs to help keep you on track and continue to maintain or progress in your sports and activities.

Inspiring Stories

Scott H., pictured above, has been a long-time client. He inspires us with his high level of activity and his kite boarding in his late 60’s. Age may slow him down a little, but Scott demonstrates what CAN be done instead of what can’t.

Joanne C. used to love swimming. She was treated for back and knee injuries for many months until we were able to help manage her pain. One day, I asked her what else we could work on…if there was anything she had given up due to pain or discomfort. She mentioned her shoulder pain and how she used to swim 2-3x/week. After assessing the reasons why Joanne had her pain, we designed a program of stretching and strengthening to bring her shoulder back to a healthier place. Today Joanne is swimming 2-3x/week again and feels empowered to add activities into her life.

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your stories below by posting a comment. And take a peek at our testimonials to see what others had to say about how our work has helped them.

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