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Self Massage Techniques for Athletes

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self massage techniquesSelf-Massage for Athletes: Heal Faster & Prevent Injuries

I was honored to be chosen as the massage therapist interviewed in Trail Runner Magazine for an article on the benefits of sports massage therapy and self massage for runners. This article can benefit all athletes and does a nice job explaining a number of the self massage tools that we recommend at Boulder Therapeutics.

Self Massage & Self Care

Those of you who have received our massage work already know that we strongly believe in self-care to speed the healing process and prevent injuries. This article includes examples of self massage tools such as the Foam roller, The Stick, Golf Ball, Lacrosse Ball, Tennis Ball and other products.

self massage techniques in Trail Runner Magazine

Pick up a copy of the June 2012 Trail Runner Magazine for the article titled, How We Roll, to read our quotes and learn self massage techniques.

Our Quotes

Below are some quotes from the hard-copy edition of the June 2012 Trail Runner Magazine article, “How We Roll: Self massage can play a significant role in helping you to feel better and run faster.”

“Massage assists in injury prevention and, in turn, improves training. The pounding, your gait and your own physiology can all lead to various issues and imbalances that can cause an injury. Massage can help combat everything from shin splints to Achilles tendonitis to back pain, by improving circulation, eliminating tight spots and working out adhesions and scar tissue that impede optimal functioning.”

“While regular professional massages are most beneficial, at-home massage is important for sustained running health. I can give you the greatest treatment ever, but if you go home and don’t do the maintenance, the problem won’t get solved.”

Local Ultra Runner & Client Quoted

Local ultra runner and one of our clients, Ray Churgovich, was also quoted in the magazine article. His blog on the Benefits of Massage and Self Massage gives some great insight into his self massage techniques and self-care. And thanks Ray for your kind words in your blog.

“When I am injured and need a massage therapist that understands sports injury & healing, I employ the therapists from Boulder Therapeutics. Boulder Therapeutics is one of the major factors of my being able to run ultra marathons.”

Massage Reduces Inflammation After Exercise

The article also sites a recent study that had participants exercise and then receive a 10-minute massage on one quadriceps but not the other. After taking muscle biopsies of both legs, the results revealed the massage had reduced inflammation. The massage helped to speed the healing process post-exercise.

Massage Works…Let Us Support You

If you have questions on self massage or home care, we are here to help. We can demonstrate the use of many self massage products and even sell some from our offices. Contact us if you would like more education on the use of any self massage products.

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