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Using Alternative Therapies to Treat Injuries

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Quoted in Elevations Outdoors Magazine

The Doctor is in Meditation

elevation outdoors coverWe’d like to thank Chris Kassar for recently interviewing our Injury Specialist, David Abookire, for her article on healing athletic injuries thru alternative medicine. Look for it in the September issue of Elevations Outdoors Magazine. The article quotes many local practitioners from acupuncture, yoga and massage therapy and even some local athletes. For you Boulder locals out there, you may recognize a few names.

Chris approached us as “experts” in injury rehab & sports massage therapy to contribute to her article. Check out the online version to read the entire article yourself. We appreciate the opportunity to share our knowledge (on pages 2 & 3) and look forward answering any questions you may have.

Now get outside and play!

On page 2:
“By the time I see an athlete, they have often already tried a number of things and nothing has worked,” says David Abookire, founder of Boulder Therapeutics, which specializes in sport and injury massage. “Alternative therapies look beyond the pain to the patterns behind it. Often, we need to put a system in place that will unwind these patterns and get the body back into balance.” By honing in on the body’s weaknesses and finding the injury’s source, practitioners can empower athletes to care for themselves over the long term.

On page 3:
“When you’re treating athletes, there’s a totally different mindset,” explains Boulder Therapeutics’ Abookire. “The focus has to be on helping an athlete heal so they can get back in action, back to what they enjoy—whether it’s running 100-mile races or going on a short hike.”

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you with any of your injuries, feel free to contact us or call at 303-444-1171.

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