Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai Yoga MassageWhat is Thai Yoga Massage?

This type of bodywork involves opening the body’s energy lines through a combination of rhythmic compression, soft-tissue manipulation, acupressure and stretching. It is referred to as Thai Yoga Massage because the therapist will move you through series of yoga-like stretches. Thai Yoga Massage is felt as both relaxing and energizing as it includes deep muscular and energetic work along with movement.

How is Thai Massage Different From a ‘Regular’ Massage?

A Thai Yoga Massage session differs from a Swedish massage in that it is conducted on a thick cushion on the floor and the client remains fully clothed in loose pants/shorts and a comfortable shirt. A session consists of dynamic and fluid combination of techniques that move, stretch and twist the client while they are positioned on their back, front, side and sitting cross-legged on the floor.

How can Thai Yoga Massage Help Me?

Thai Yoga Massage Therapists


Athletes love Thai Yoga Massage because it helps keep them flexible and mobile. The range of motion and joint mobility work helps to stretch tight muscles while deep pressure on the muscles helps to release muscular holding patterns. This style of work does an amazing job of stretching out tight IT bands, hamstrings and provides great spinal range of motion.

Injured Clients

Thai Yoga Massage can help support you thru an injury. Because it’s passive, you can completely relax and allow the practitioner to move you in supported, healthy ways…allowing your structure and muscles to release and unwind. It’s great for back or neck pain.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage
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Ahhh, Thai Massage is amazing!

• increases joint mobility and improves range of motion
• relieves and prevents acute and chronic pain patterns
• mobilizes stiffness and increases flexibility
• relaxes tendons and enhances elasticity
• improves muscle strength and effectiveness
• removes toxins from muscle
• improves circulation of blood and lymph
• induces a relaxed, meditative state
• reduces stress
• increases energy


Client Testimonials

“Thai Yoga Massage is fabulous! It is a great combination of stretching and pressure to relieve stress on my tightest muscles from running/cycling – like quads, calves, and neck. I plan to get them on a regular basis and think it will help my training and athletic performance.” – Jen K

“I received Thai Yoga Massage for an injured shoulder and neck. It was the perfect combination of stretching and massage, and was exactly what I needed.” – Ashley D

To schedule a Thai Yoga Massage, please view our online booking system and select this style of massage therapy. Please note that this service may not be offered at all our locations.

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