Squatting vs Deadlifting: How are they Different?

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Squatting vs. Deadlifting- a timeless tale to be told. Why do people prefer one over the other? Don’t they both just work our legs? Well in the video above you can see the one key difference between the two! Can you see it? Well, if you can’t that’s okay!


When we squat, most of the movement happens around our knees, forcing the joint to flex and extend more. Yes I we flex at our hips as well, but an upright torso keeps the muscle activation mostly in the quads!


When we dead lift, most of the movement happens around our hip (notice how she’s bending over more in the video). This change in the movement transfers the muscle activation to the glutes and hamstrings! Making this a great posterior chain exercise!

Both exercises are essential, different and fantastic ways to strengthen your legs! Try them both on your next leg day and see the difference!

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