Private Yoga Classes in Boulder

Therapeutic Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes BoulderWe are proud to offer private yoga classes to our clients. These classes will have one student and one teacher so we can focus on proper alignment and modify the class for your specific needs.

Whether you’re new to yoga, working thru an injury or just prefer to have a teacher overseeing and directing your practice, trust that our skilled yoga instructors & personal trainers will provide a safe, alignment-based yoga class customized for you.

How Private Yoga Classes can Help You!

At Boulder Therapeutics we are focused on full-body health. Your physical well being has a profound effect on the different systems of your body. Through the movement of the different Yoga Postures or Asanas your body flows in harmony with your breath, which creates profound benefits.

  • Your joints will become flexible due to the increase of synovial fluid the body produces
  • Your muscles will stretch and become stronger and more supple
  • Your core will become stronger and your posture will improve
  • Your lungs, heart, and other organs will function with renewed vitality!
  • This ancient practice will develop not only your body but your mind and inner spirit as well

Customized Yoga Classes

These classes are all about YOU and will focus on your imbalances. If you have tight hamstrings, we’ll work to lengthen them and demonstrate how you can stretch them off the mat. If your core is weak, your class will be designed to bring strength and awareness to your abdominals, lower back and hips. If you have spinal misalignments, we will focus on bringing flexibility to your spine and help support you with better posture. And if you have an injury, we will modify your class to support you on your path to health.

Still Questioning Whether you Should try Yoga?

Have you received a massage before and did not realize something was hurting in your body until your therapist touched it? This is called body awareness. You can gain this through body-work like massage, but also through Yoga. Having this renewed mind-body connection allows one to have ease when functioning in everyday life.

Try out a private session with our personal trainers or yoga instructors and you will find comfort with their experienced hands-on adjusting as well as feel the benefits from a personalized Yoga session.

What to bring to your Private Yoga Class?

*Please wear comfortable yoga clothes.
*Bring a mat if you have one.

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*Private Yoga Classes may not be offered at all locations.

Our Experience

David Abookire - Yoga Anatomy InstructorAll of our yoga instructors are experts in soft-tissue injuries and have trained with our owner & Injury Specialist, David. David has taught Functional Yoga Anatomy classes to hundreds yoga instructors since 2005. He travels the country teaching a Level 1 & Advanced Level 2 Functional Anatomy class which he designed specifically for yoga instructors to help prevent injuries in yoga classes and to keep yoga safe. All yoga instructors at Boulder Therapeutics are nationally certified in yoga or personal training and have been trained to work with injuries.

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*Private Yoga Classes may not be offered at all locations.

Questions About our Private Yoga Classes?