Injury Rehab & Medical Massage

Injury rehab & medical massage therapy Broomfield therapistsThis treatment-oriented work focuses on specific areas to help you recover from pain or an injury. We combine neuromuscular, myofascial and active techniqes to reduce your symptoms. We always educate you on the cause of your injury and include stretches, exercises and awareness to prevent future injuries. We also have an Injury Specialist on-staff for more advanced therapy and injury work. (Also see our Injury Massage page)

Customized Sessions

Our highly trained therapists offer a wide range of masage modalities with their unique, personal styles and special techniques. Your session will always be customized for your individual needs and recommendations may be given to include stretches, posture tips, lifestyle modifications or follow-up care with other modalities or practitioners.


In addition to working with many local & professional sports teams since 1999, the staff at Boulder Therapeutics works in conjunction with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other health care professionals to provide our clients with the highest level of care possible. We have treated everything from pulled muscles, whiplash and joint pain to scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and severe nerve pain.

Questions About How We Can Support You?