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Self-Care and Sports Massage for Ski and Snowboard Instructors

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Quoted in the Winter 2020 “32 Degrees Magazine: The Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction.”

sports massage Tips for a Successful Season:
How to Keep your Mind, Body, and Gear in the Best Shape Possible.

We’d like to thank Krista Crabtree for interviewing our Injury Specialist, David Abookire, for her article on Tips for a Successful Season in the Winter 2020 edition of 32 Degrees Magazine, which is a trade magazine which supports professional ski and snowboard instructors.

The article focuses on “How to Keep Your Mind, Body, and Gear in the Best Shape Possible.” We want to commend the author, Krista, on doing her part to keep these athletes safe and motivated for their long days on the slopes. The experts quoted throughout the article were our very own specialist, David Abookire, speaking about sports massage and athlete self-care, a ski racing coach, psychologist and ski technician. We appreciate the opportunity to share our knowledge and support so many hard-working winter sports athletes.

Abookire’s contribution outlined 5 stretches for athletes to perform daily and tips to keep the core strong and balanced. He also discussed how to prevent injuries and what to do if you have pain or discomfort.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you with self-care, how to prevent or recover from an injury, feel free to call at 303-444-1171.

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