runner's knee pain. Sports massage therapy in Boulder

Running Injuries: Runner’s Knee

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Symptoms and Causes of Runner’s Knee Pain

runner's knee pain.  Sports massage therapy in BoulderRunning injuries are relatively common among both new and experienced runners, so it is important to know what to expect. Knee pain or discomfort while running can potentially be a symptom of a knee injury, which is often referred to as runner’s knee. This particular ailment manifests as constant pain under the knee when you are running or just after you run and you may eventually start to feel knee pain during other activities or exercise. It is best to manage these painful symptoms before they cause any permanent damage to your knees.

Runner’s knee is common and can have multiple causes, such as weak muscles, poor shoes, improper gait or too much mileage where the knee is unable to recover between runs. Think of running as having a high potential to cause friction in your knee joints. With the impact, repetitive use and potential for friction, the knee joint can start to get inflamed (the body’s response to heal and protect) and cause pain with too much use or improper use. Tight muscles can pull your femur & tibia closer together causing a higher likelihood for friction and impact in your knee joints. Additionally, scar tissue can form in the tissues around the joint and can rub on the bones, muscles and other soft-tissue creating an inflammatory response.

Conservative Treatments for Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee and other running injuries should be treated carefully, so it is best to have them treated by a professional if rest and ice are not working. Take some time off or reduce your mileage temporarily. Also, be sure to stay on top of your stretching and rolling routines to get ahead of your knee pain.

Sports Massage Therapy Treatments

sports massage therapy in Boulder for runner's knee painIf your runner’s knee persists, consider having a few treatments from a skilled Sports Massage Therapist. These will be a little uncomfortable because proper sports massage therapy treatments will include a deep release of the muscles surrounding your knee, hip and pelvis. Your sports massage therapist should also include deep work around your IT band. Expect some scar tissue release around your knee and an assessment of your patellar tracking. Finally, your therapist should discuss your gait, shoes and mileage to help determine ways of unwinding your pain pattern.

Sessions from our sports massage therapists at Boulder Therapeutics are customized so you can feel confident knowing that each treatment is specifically made for your particular pain. We will demonstrate a combination of stretches, foam rolling, and other self-care techniques that will help you manage your knee pain properly. We have experience treating professional athletes from many sports and can help you return to your normal running schedule.

For more information, please review our webpage about Knee Pain.

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