Massage Therapy treament for neck whiplash pain

Neck Whiplash Treatment | Boulder Car Accident

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Neck Whiplash Treatment for a Car Accident

Massage therapy for whiplash & neck pain. Massage Therapy for a Boulder car accidentHave you been involved in a car accident in Colorado? Are you experiencing whiplash symptoms? The trauma inflicted on the neck from whiplash can be extreme. During a car accident, tremendous force is applied to the body. This often results in the neck straining to keep the head from being “thrown around”, which causes a lot of damage to the neck.

When your neck muscles and ligaments are damaged during whiplash, it causes a lot of pain. Not only does the pain of whiplash hurt the neck, but it can also lead to severe headaches. The key to gaining relief after suffering whiplash is to seek out treatment. One of the best means of neck whiplash treatment is massage therapy. If you are involved in a car accident, let the skilled massage therapists at Boulder Therapeutics help you find pain relief.

Massage Therapy as Treatment for Neck Whiplash

Massage Therapy treament for neck whiplash painInstead of relying on pharmaceuticals, which doctors often prescribe, patients can find natural pain relief from the skilled hands of a massage therapist at Boulder Therapeutics. Our talented massage therapists apply a number of techniques and therapeutic modalities to help provide pain relief and healing from whiplash.

In addition to traditional massage treatments, we provide myofascial release, muscle stretching techniques, postural realignment and trigger point therapy. Also, we are trained in active stretching and release to help promote healing and increase range of motion. These advanced hands-on treatment modalities help to calm the muscles, reset holding patterns and promote healing.

Let us help you heal. Our massage therapists will help to loosen your muscles and provide pain relief. If are unfortunate enough to need treatment for your neck whiplash after a Boulder car accident, know that we are here to support you. Feel free to contact us with your questions and for assistance in setting up an appointment for massage therapy treatments. There is no need to suffer from whiplash. You can start feeling better and have more range of motion with a massage treatment at Boulder Therapeutics.

Massage therapy for whiplash & neck pain.  Skilled therapists in Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Westminster, Gunbarrel, Denver
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