COVID-19 Policies

Disclaimer: Information about COVID-19 is constantly changing. Please note that the information below may not be correct, complete, accurate, and/or may have changed without notice. We recommend the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the most accurate information.

Updated: June 24, 2022

We are a mask optional clinic. If you have symptoms, please cancel your appointment and follow the CDC guidelines. We reserve the right to request mask wearing to anyone at anytime. Thank you for supporting our small local business.

Safety at our Clinics:

We take your health very seriously and our team is working proactively to keep our workspace healthy for all clients and staff.

Our offices offer a relatively low-risk environment for most people due to our one-on-one care model and our safe sanitation practices, but please make decisions that help you feel safe, especially if you are part of the “at-risk” population.

What WE Are Doing To Keep You Safer.

  1. Therapists and clients can discuss mask wearing to their level of comfort.
  2. All therapists thoroughly wash their hands before and after every treatment, and we will wear gloves when appropriate.
  3. Sheets are regularly changed after each client and thoroughly washed.
  4. The treatment tables, face cradles and high touch surfaces are wiped down and sanitized after every session.
  5. All surfaces that are in contact with staff and customers including key boards, door knobs & handles, massage stools and tables, counter tops, and cabinets and waiting rooms are regularly cleaned with disinfectant.
  6. All therapists have reviewed our in-house cleaning and COVID-19 policies with our owner.
  7. UV-C sterilization lights have been installed and will sanitize our space nightly.
  8. Medical-Grade Air purifiers (which remove many viruses) are used in our rooms to reduce the amount of airborne particulates.
  9. Many on our staff are fully vaccinated or have previously tested positive for the virus > 1 month and no longer have symptoms.

What YOU Can Do To Keep Our Offices Safer.

  1. If you feel sick (even a little) or have been around anyone who feels sick, please practice self-quarantine and cancel your appointment. You can rebook 4 days after your symptoms subside or fever is back to normal.
  2. Wear a mask and have one ready, just in case. We may ask that you wear a mask.
  3. Please wash your hands before entering the clinic (Boulder bathroom code 0163, Superior restroom is downstairs behind the front desk).
  4. Please limit your time in our waiting room by waiting in the hall if you are at-risk.
  5. We ask that you load your credit card number on your online profile or read your credit card number to us to limit the number of items we touch.
  6. New clients, please complete your intake forms online to limit your need to use our computers.
  7. If you prefer to cancel your appointment because you feel ill, we understand and will waive any cancellation fees. Please contact us or remove yourself from the online booking system. We want you feel safe and supported.


We have Acupuncturists on staff at both offices who can provide an Acupuncture Wellness tune-up, Vitamin Supplementation and Immunity Booster Injections. Call us at 303-444-1171 with any questions or you can always book a 60 minute Acupuncture appointment online FIRST so we can evaluate your health history.


  • Carry anti-bacterial spray or gel and apply after leaving any location, and before you enter your vehicle. Home-made versions can be found online if you have run out.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes.
  • Limit your contact with large groups, or anyone who has traveled on a plane or been ill.
  • Stay positive, eat healthy meals and get plenty of rest. A strong body is better able to combat illness.
  • Practice Social Distancing but be sure to take a walk outside, call a friend, play games with your family and find ways to be happy.
  • Get vaccinated to protect yourself and your community.

Be sure to contact your doctor if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 . Remember, while you may not be in the at-risk population, we all need to take precautions for the sake of everyone, and especially those who are immune deficient or are within the at-risk age.

Links to CDC Resources: