Armaid: Self-Massage for Arm Pain

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Self Care for Your Arms, Elbows & Hands

Is Armaid for You?

The Armaid is the best self-massage tool for your forearms & hands. We use ours daily to prevent injuries and suggest the same for many of our clients who rock climb, lift weights, practice yoga or crossfit often. This is also a great tool to use if you have tendonitis in your elbow, forearm &or wrist and also for those suffering from a repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

If you work at a computer often or are in a career where you use your hands frequently (like massage therapy, carpentry, etc), the Armaid is a wonderful self-massage tool to use at the end of your day to help relax the muscles of your forearm (many of which attach to your hand & fingers) and prevent pain and tightness.

wrist flexor and extensor muscles of the forearmMuscles of the Forearm

Focus on the wrist flexors and wrist extensors, though some of the other forearm muscles may be involved. Most muscles in your forearms attach to your fingers and hand, so work in the forearm can be effective for wrist, hand or finger pain. And because they work with the muscles of the upper arm, work on the forearms can help with elbow pain.

Be sure to work the flexor attachment sites near the inner elbow and the extensor attachments near the outer elbow. Apply pressure slowly because your muscles & tendons are usually more tender near the joints (where they attach).

About the Armaid

This tool is adjustable so it fits forearms of every size, it is strong & very well designed, and it is easy to use so your opposite arm doesn’t fatigue while providing pressure. Our video above shows the Armaid with the “Orange Roller” ball, which is the firmest they make. It comes standard with 3 softer small “white roller” balls (as shown in the picture below). You can upgrade to the medium density “grey roller” as an option as well. We’ve found the Armaid to be effective in reducing trigger points in the forearms. It has helped many of our clients.


How to Purchase the Armaid

You can purchase the Armaid here…just mention that “Boulder Therapeutics” sent you or use Affiliate Code ARM15. And be sure to watch the “how-to” videos on the Armaid website.

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