Massage therapy for neck pain

VIDEO: Advanced Massage Techniques for Whiplash, Forward Head Position and other Neck Injuries

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Watch David Abookire, our owner and Sports/Injury specialist, demonstrate some advanced massage techniques. These techniques can be used for whiplash, forward head position and other neck injuries. This impromptu video was taken during a training with some of the staff at Boulder Therapeutics working with neck injuries.

What we found

This was a demonstration to educate our team. You may notice that the movements are applied a little more quickly than usual. David found some unexpected cervical segmental restrictions. He attempted to work them out before he flexed the client’s neck but would have preferred to have had more time to warm up the area first.

Notice how David is always using traction when moving the cervical spine. And how his work is direct, using firm pressure but a gentle touch. A rocking technique is used to help unwind the nervous system. This also allows the therapist to assess any holding patterns. Active and passive myofascial release techniques are blended with neuromuscular therapy.

Massage therapy for neck pain

These techniques can help whiplash, forward head position and other neck injuries.

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