Hands-on Yoga Anatomy Trainings by David Abookire

Yoga Anatomy Trainings

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Hands-on Yoga Anatomy Trainings by David Abookire

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Yoga Anatomy Trainings

Have you ever been interested in learning more about anatomy in your yoga practice? Our Sports/Injury Specialist, David Abookire, has been teaching functional anatomy to yoga instructors since 2005. His hands-on classes educate thru power point presentations, use of a full-skeleton model, lecture, Q&A and a hands-on workshop approach to education.

Functional Yoga Anatomy Trainings: Level 1 & Level 2

In the Level 1 class, we review bones, muscles, joints and how they all work together in these magnificent bodies of ours. You’ll learn about postural misalignment, proper yoga alignment in poses and the difference between a tendon and a ligament and why this is important in yoga. You’ll also learn about active breathing and the muscles of our core. This class rounds off with muscles being drawn on a person while reviewing anatomical alignment in yoga poses. The goal of this 7 hour class is to educate yogis and to help them prevent injuries while practicing or teaching.

The Level 2 class is a much more advanced class. It picks up where the Level 1 class leaves off exploring the different joints of the body. We review the shoulder, shoulder girdle, lower back, pelvis, hip, knee and spine examining each joint in different yoga poses. We workshop proper ways to move our arms, proper bending in forward folds and how to practice and teach safely. This workshop is 6 hours long and allows time for Q&A & hands-on review as you learn about each joint and how it can be strengthened, stretched, healed or damaged thru a yoga practice.

Hands-on Anatomy trainings with David AbookireWhere are classes taught?

David lives & practices sports/injury massage therapy in Boulder, CO. He teaches throughout the state and travels nationally to teach at many studios. He has taught thousands of students since 2005 and has been writing articles for his own website and many others to support the yoga community.

To review David’s Level 1 & Level 2 Functional Anatomy teaching schedule, please see his Yoga Support page. Many of his trainings are thru local studios but he can help customize a training for you.

Follow this link if you are interested in Private Yoga Classes in Boulder.

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