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We View Surgeries & Surgery Videos: Knee Scope

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We love to learn. And we love to educate. We’re happy to review your surgery videos (or to attend them when we can) to help us learn more about your body. The more we understand, the better we can apply our soft-tissue work.

Here is an example of a knee scope & microfracture.

The scope cleans the uneven surfaces to make the cartilage “smooth”. The goal is to keep as much of the original cartilage as possible while removing the worst areas that are frayed or uneven. Microfracture creates tiny fractures in the bone which causes blood and bone marrow (which contains stem cells) to seep out of the fractures. This creates a blood clot that releases cartilage-building cells. The microfractures are treated as an injury by the body, which is why the surgery results in new, replacement cartilage

We have observed knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries & a carpal tunnel release for numerous clients. We can explain our findings to you and work as an advocate in your health care. We can also help you make modifications to your activities, sports & yoga practice. While we always recommend discussing your medical procedures with your doctor, it can be helpful to have us review your surgeries. By the way, we’re not necessarily advocating surgery. Talk to your doctor first if you’re concerned.

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