Types of Sports Massage

Types-of-Sports-MassageInjury Rehabilitation – We’re here for you if you get injured. We understand what it’s like to sit out of training or a game due to an injury. Whether it’s a muscle pull, joint pain or recovery from surgery, we are trained to get you back in the game as quickly as possible while preventing further injury.

Injury Prevention – With a sport-specific focus, we will assess your biomechanical imbalances, areas of tightness and range of motion and provide therapeutic treatments to help “rebalance” your body. We also provide stretches & home therapy (such as foam roller and self-massage techniques) specific to your body to help prevent injuries from occurring.

Maintenance – You have reached a high level of fitness, let us help you keep it. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions designed to reduce recovery time between intense workouts, decrease muscle tightness, release holding patterns and reduce the potential for injury.

Pre-Event – A light, invigorating session designed to prepare your body and mind for your event. This massage is usually scheduled 24 hours before competition.

At-the-Event – Participating in a multi-day event or want us to be present at your competition?
Similar to “Pre-Event” massage, this session removes lactic acid buildup and cellular waste, speeds recovery for tired, aching muscles and prepares you physically and mentally for your competition.

Post Event – This session focuses on restoring your body to its pre-event condition by reducing recovery time, treating injuries and relaxing muscles. We recommend you receive this work within 48 hours of your competition.
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