Running Injuries: IT Band Syndrome

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Running Injuries: Treating IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome for running injuriesThere are countless types of running injuries that we see and help treat at Boulder Therapeutics, Inc. They can range from shin splints to simple leg and knee pain to even whiplash, but the one of the most common injuries we see deals with the iliotibial band (IT band Syndrome).

The IT band is a tough & thick band of fascia that runs from the outside of your hip, down your thigh and attaches just below your knee on the lateral (outside) edge. It’s prone to inflammation, injury and other painful syndromes because of the excess amount of force that the typical runner exerts upon it.

The unfortunate fact is that IT band syndrome can leave you hurting for more than just a few weeks. If left untreated, it can become a chronic injury that can threaten your very ability to run.

What Are the Symptoms of IT Band Syndrome?

It’s not uncommon for runners to self-diagnose IT band pain as a simple knee injury due to the way that IT band syndrome presents itself. Tenderness, swelling and pain on the outside of the knee tend to be telltale signs that the iliotibial band has been injured in some way.

When you come in for a treatment, we’ll assess your entire leg and discuss the biomechanics behind your running style. We’ll also assess your hips, quads and gluteals to help determine the cause of your IT band pain.

What Causes IT Band Pain?

IT band syndrome is one of the more common running injuries because it tightens the lateral portion of your leg while the opposite foot is in the air. As the muscles in your legs and hips tighten, they pull on the IT band and this can create excess force and friction in & around your knee. IT band pain can result from any activity where you use your legs repeatedly. Things as simple as running up or down hills, performing track exercises too many times, running with the wrong stance, or with slightly worn-out shoes can exacerbate the amount of tension placed upon the iliotibial band.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sessions from our sports massage therapists at Boulder Therapeutics are customized so you can feel confident knowing that each treatment is specifically tailored to your needs. Our treatments include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active deep tissue techniques and instruction on stretching and foam rolling to help your body recuperate more quickly from IT Band Syndrome. We have experience treating professional athletes from many sports and can help you return to your normal running schedule.

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