Expert Sports Massage Therapist in Boulder: Meet our Founder

Thank you to “Shout Out Colorado” for the wonderful interview of our owner & founder, David Abookire. Their article, “Meet David Abookire | Licensed Massage Therapist and Founder of Boulder Therapeutics, Inc.” has an interview-style Q&A about “The Early Days: why did you start a business.”

  • Read about how Boulder Therapeutics, Inc got started and how our founder is still supporting patients after 23+ years.
  • Learn what sets Boulder Therapeutics apart from others in the industry and the path we chose to navigate.
  • Learn more about our roots and how David transitioned from a corporate job to become a massage therapist…all with the love and support of his parents.

“I can’t thank my parents enough for their support and guidance along the way. Transitioning from being a corporate banker, then dabbling in a number of small entrepreneurial projects before landing in massage therapy school must have been challenging for them to witness. They were never judgemental or showed any disappointment in what could have been looked at as a “step backwards” from college. They allowed me to find my way and ultimately be happy in my career choice.”

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Canvas Rebel: Stories & Insights: “Meet David Abookire”

We appreciate “Canvas Rebel” for featuring our owner, David, in their “Stories & Insights” article, “Meet David Abookire.”.

As a career Massage Therapist specializing in working with Athletes & Injuries, this article walks us on the path our owner took to find the career he loves so much.

  • Learn about how David got his first job…it might surprise you!
  • Read about how David found Massage Therapy.
  • As with all business owners, you’ll hear stories of resilience
  • And for those interested in how to succeed in Massage Therapy, hear David’s advice.

“When I was at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, I dove deeply into the study of Sports Massage, Anatomy, Orthopedic Massage and Injury Rehab treatments. All I wanted to do was work with athletes.”

“To succeed in the medical field, you have to get results and to be open to new information. I’ve studied with a lot of different types of practitioners over the years, because we all view the body slightly differently. And I believe that learning to assimilate information and apply it to numerous techniques gets much better results than simply following the training manual exactly. Applying the new information to what you’ve learned previously allows for you to navigate the multitude of modalities which claim to be the “holy grail” of healing. We all have something valuable to offer and often, there are many ways to help someone heal.”

Meet The Elite Podcast: 5 minutes with Health & Wellness Expert, David Abookire.

Hear a 5-minute interview with our owner & founder, David, and how he became a Sports and Injury Specialist and started Boulder Therapeutics.

“We are a team of Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and Movement Therapists. We all collaborate and work with athletes and anyone in pain or dealing with an injury. …Our job is to keep you performing at a really high level and feeling fantastic.”

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