Auto Accident Massage Treatments In Boulder

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Auto Accident Massage Therapy Treatments In Boulder

massage treatments in Boulder for auto accidentsIf you have been in a car accident in Boulder, Colorado and have had been feeling symptoms like whiplash, neck pain, headaches or back pain, this discomfort can start to affect your sleep and daily functions such as work, sports, etc. Consider getting an evaluation and treatment from our injury massage therapy specialists in Boulder for these symptoms caused during your auto accident.

Treatment for Auto Injuries in Boulder

After being in a car accident, it is very important to get treatment. People who have been in auto accidents in Boulder have many options for care. There are a wide range of treatment selections available to assist with back pain, neck pain, whiplash or a spine injury from a car accident. Treatments can assist in healing neck or back areas affected by the car accident, which will gradually assist in your daily functions, helping the affected areas of the body feel relaxed and stable. We want to help you get back to your daily activities and get active again.

Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents

Massage therapy is an excellent and essential modality of treatment after your auto accident. Our sessions can be focused on specific areas of the body affected from your car accident. Massage therapy is an effective healing treatment that assists in reducing pain and strain and helps relax your deeper muscles. It also helps to bring relief from chronic pain that can trigger discomfort. In addition, reducing muscle tension can help improve your circulation and remove toxins from your body. Our therapists can also assist in coaching you with your posture and offer home self-massage techniques to prevent ongoing strain on your back and neck.

Injury Massage Therapists in Boulder

Our injury massage therapists will focus their treatments on your particular areas of pain to help you recover and heal from your injuries after an auto accident in Boulder. Using advanced massage therapy techniques, like myofascial release and neuromuscular massage therapy, our skilled team can help decrease your symptoms.

We accept some forms of Auto Insurance.

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