Zoe Belka

Zoe Violet Belka, DC, physiotherapy + massage therapy, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master.
(contracted therapist: Boulder)

Zoe graduated from Sarasota Massage School in 2002. She’s studied the John Barnes myofascial & unwinding training, Craniosacral therapy with Dr. Eric and is passionate about learning. Zoe received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2012 from Life Chiropractic College West. She has 20+ years of yoga practice & over 40 years of dance experience. Zoe is also trained in Prenatal massage.

Zoe has worked as a massage therapist for over 17 years. She utilizes subtle massage therapy techniques as well as deep tissue and myofascial techniques. Her extensive nervous system awareness addresses pain from accidents, unwinding to help heal scar tissue and alleviates many muscle syndromes and joint pain, headaches and sprains.

Zoe has worked with cyclists, mountain bikers, golfers, snowboarders, dancers, professional ball players, athletic military personnel and even a few celebrities. She is passionate about getting people moving & enjoying their most amazing expressions in what they do through massage & movement awareness. Zoe can explain how lack of circulation, old injuries, joint misalignment and scar tissue can inhibit ones athletic ability and cause discomfort and inflammation.

She utilizes the sternum, breath, & a 3-Dimensional approach to healing and moving. She also addresses neuropathic pain and arthritis and has experience working with scoliosis, rods from surgeries and fusions. Zoe has a fluid approach to extremities and the importance of proper ankle mobilization to help with balance.


Monday afternoon/evening
Tuesday afternoon/evening
Friday morning

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“Wonderful massage with Zoe. She’s delightful and highly-skilled. Strong enough to provide as much intensity as you need, but very sensitive to your comfort/discomfort levels while doing it. Her chiropractic experience added much value to both the massage as well as a lot of discussion we had on my multiple issues! I left with several great suggestions on improving my musculoskeletal health!” –Pete W.

“I saw Zoe for acute pain in my neck and shoulder. She was thorough, knowledgeable and able to bring me great relief. I am very grateful.”–Leela P.

“Zoe did a fabulous job working out some tension and strain I was holding in my upper back. She was very helpful to with a first glance diagnostic of what was causing it.” –Alex C.