Page Cardoza

Page Cardoza, LMT
(contracted therapist: Superior)

Page has always been a kind, generous and helpful person. From a young age, he received holistic care and hands-on treatments at home. His mom, Rene Delange, is a massage therapist and personal trainer (at Boulder Therapeutics) and she has been guiding and supporting him for years.

Page studied massage therapy and graduated from Boulder Massage Therapy Institute, learning advanced techniques like Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial release so he could help others. He gained more knowledge by training alongside numerous advanced massage therapists, adding to his guidance and education.

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Page has been athletic all his life and has unfortunately had many sports injuries, so he understands the importance of helping athletes recover quickly. He learned how to correct many of his own ailments with hands-on techniques and stretching/movement exercises so he could continue to do what he loved. He has played sports for years, including football, water polo, dance and rock climbing.

Before Page became a massage therapist, he was in the service industry for over 8 years as a chef (at Jax’s Fish House and Jill’s in the St. Julien Hotel). Whether it be as a manual therapist, a head chef, or a Sensei in one of the Dojos where he has trained, Page continues to ask questions and learn more so he can bring more skills with him into everything he does. Page is calm, centered and balanced and he will support you in every way he can.

Interests: Page loves to make music in his spare time along with his many hobbies and spending time with friends.


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“I just had a massage with Page this afternoon in Superior and I wanted to reach out to say how grateful I am for my session! When I left, of course my body felt wonderful… I can’t believe the way the tension in my face has totally disappeared, it’s wild… however, the most meaningful and impactful takeaway is that my body just feels so cared for. And I’ve never felt that way after a massage. So, hand on my heart, thank you, Page! You’re wonderful at what you do and your energy is a game changer and I’m so incredibly grateful for this experience. Thank you thank you thank you!”–Cat W

“Place is inviting and my massage therapist is knowledgeable and client oriented. Not only did Page do a great job on the table but afterward showed me some stretches to do at home to help with my wellness program.”–Brian S

“These guys are magicians ! We feel so light after an acupuncture and deep massage session. Thanks Page and Brian!” -Sandrine L.