Hannah Golding

Hannah Golding, LMT
(contracted therapist: Boulder)

Hannah’s fundamental belief is that with the connection of another human being, we can truly feel supported enough to experience the healing power held within us all. Hannah began her early life in athletics and has played just about every sport there is. She started from the age of 10 on an AAU travel basketball team and continued playing across the country on a variety of state teams for numerous years.

After suffering from multiple concussions, an ACL tear and fractured knee, she switched over to rowing in college and has been able to heal her body through modifications and the power of massage. Hannah understands the physical and emotional stress that compounds when an athlete goes through major injuries. She recognizes how to utilize her experience in assisting your body in finding its way back to balance.

After graduating from Boulder Massage Therapy Institute, she has worked with various athletes, triathlon competitors, and musicians. She uses this experience and her background study in biology, natural medicine and holistic sciences to support her clients on an individual level. Each client has a unique body that holds its own knowledge. Hannah understands that in the healthcare field it is integral to listen to patients, as the client knows their body best, and to educate them on a treatment strategy.

She will actively listen and work with you to curate a personalized treatment plan to best fit your healing needs. There is no better feeling than being a part of a client’s journey and providing
adequate care to facilitate their success in finding wellness. She hopes that sharing her positive outlook on life through intuitive, connected bodywork can make an impact on her client’s journey.

Interests: Live Music Performance, Singing, Weightlifting and Stretching, Energy Work, Natural Medicine, Holistic Sciences, and Good Food.

Hannah has done intensive study of holistic remedies, Eastern/ Western medicine and human biology. She has experience with various outdoor/indoor athletes, triathlon competitors, and musicians. Hannah was invited as a guest speaker to Tribal Vision Festival in New Mexico to teach about breath awareness, energy transference, and self administration of a variety of massage techniques including laryngeal massage.


Tuesday 2:15-8pm

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“I was fortunate to have been connected with Hannah at Boulder Therapeutics. Over the course of several months she’s treated me across multiple appointments with outstanding massage work. Not only is Hannah is she attentive & intuitive in her work, she’s always professional & punctual in her efforts to accomodate my busy travel schedule. I would highly recommend her service and look forward to my next appointment.”-Bill F.

“The benefits of my lower back massage are amazing. I was able to get out and run pain-free yesterday. Hanna was fantastic. I’ll be rescheduling in a few weeks, and have recommended this to a few teammates.”-Jordan I