Bryan Rodriguez

bryan-rodriguez-headshot-cropBryan Rodriguez, L. Ac., Asian Bodywork
(contracted therapist: Boulder)

Bryan is a Pain and Injury Specialist. He fuses Eastern and Western treatment styles to relieve tension, prevent injury and resolve acute and chronic pain. Since 2004, his work has been a synthesis of Acupuncture, Soft-Tissue techniques, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, and Chinese Stretching. 80% of his clients experience significant reduction of pain in 3 sessions, and are pain-free in 9 sessions.

His Wellness Acupuncture treatments can help with Stress, Sleep Disorders, Digestive Issues and Women’s Hormonal Imbalances.

His acute work corrects conditions such as neck/back spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, and low back/sciatic nerve pain. His chronic work helps people to avoid surgery like rotary cuff and hip/knee replacement, and provides rehabilitation from accidents and operations. Bryan’s knowledge of Functional Movement and Chinese Martial Arts blends into his Acupuncture and Massage; with manual therapy and education he facilitates athletes out of pain and into optimum performance. He also offers maintenance massage to release general tension and increase circulation to muscles and joints. Bryan’s passion is in developing Health and Longevity Programs for individuals of all fitness levels that prevent pain and injury before it occurs.

Bryan can deliver deep pressure to mobilize the body, yet he can also access painful areas with light and precise contact when necessary. Whether you choose to work with Asian styles of massage, Acupuncture, or both, Bryan will help you to feel good in your body again, perform daily actions with ease, and achieve higher levels of performance.

In his 3000-hour Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bryan learned Shiatsu and Tui Na, the Deep Tissue and Sports Massage of the East. In 4 years of mentorship with Shogo Mochizuki, he learned to treat pain with Japanese Massage (Anma), Meridian Therapy, and Classical Acupuncture. In another 4 years of mentorship with Sam Iannetta, he received certifications in Functional Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Postural/Movement Assessment, and Biomechanical Joint Function.

Bryan treated clients for 8 years as a Personal Trainer, and worked as a Pain Treatment Specialist in both a chiropractor center and elderly retirement home. Now studying with Bing Lee, Bryan passionately practices the Chinese health and exercise systems of Tai Chi, Tui Na, Stretching, Treatment of Pain/Injury, and Joint Mechanics. He offers classes and corporate wellness programs in Ergonomics, Chinese Movement, and Postural Rehabilitation for tension and injury accrued by long hours sitting at a desk or in repetitive movement patterns.


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“I had a therapeutic massage by Bryan Rodriquez yesterday due to a very sore lower back. I want you to know that Bryan is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. It was the best and most beneficial massage in my 52 years of working out. You did a very wise thing by hiring this young man. I will absolutely recommend Bryan to all my friends and associates.”

“I had a serious accident and broke my femur requiring surgery and hardware and subsequent PT. Going to PT twice a week for several weeks I saw minimal improvement and began to wonder if I would get back to any activity such as running and skiing. Out of desperation I began to research other options for injury rehab and found Boulder Therapeutics. I scheduled to see Bryan Rodriguez and at the end of the first one hour session I experienced significant improvements both physically and mentally. Bryan was able to identify and treat weak muscles by simply observing me walk/limp. Bryan showed me one exercise which enabled me to walk without limping for the first time since my accident! Now, after only three sessions, I now know I will be properly running and skiing again, soon! Thank you Bryan!”–Bug C.

“Bryan Rodriguez is a highly skilled acupuncturist and massage therapist who is deeply knowledgeable about the body structure and movement, as well as general healing and wellness. He’s trained in both eastern and western medicine and I value him as a true healer. He’s also a pleasure to work with. I’ve seen all kinds of practitioners over the years and Bryan is a rare gem. I highly recommend giving him a try.”–Jo C.

“I had a manual therapy with Bryan and we finished with just a little bit of acupuncture. At the first touch, I could feel that Bryan knew what he was doing. He is Extremely skilled, professional, and informative. Highly recommend this place!” -Sigma S.