Ana Melara-Whitman

Anna massage therapist BoulderAna Melara-Whitman, LMT
(contracted therapist: Boulder)

Ana is a Boulder native and LMT who graduated from Healing Spirits Massage in 2020. She specializes in Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Strain Counter Strain, Cupping, Deep Tissue, Active and Passive Release, Swedish Massage and Prenatal Massage. Ana offers an open line of communication with her clients during the therapeutic massages and strives to help them build a stronger mind-body connection after each session.

Ana’s massage technique can be described as “a medium to medium firm general pressure massage therapist with the ability to go deeper on specific spots or areas.” Ana is the therapist who wants to work with your nervous system rather than fight it.

During massage school, Ana also got a chance to revisit one of her favorite subjects, anatomy. Ana’s love and enthusiasm for anatomy started with a class in high school. She was also a non-competitive weight lifter for four years. The two classes in combination allowed her to really grasp and understand both subjects on a deeper level. Taking anatomy during massage school inspired her to later work as an anatomy TA with Boulder Massage Therapy Institute. Ana is hoping to do more continuing education with the “Colorado Learning Center of Human Anatomy” in a few years.

Before Ana’s experience with anatomy however, massage piqued her interest at eight years old. Her friend’s mom and close family friend had just finished a massage program at Healing Spirits, which happened to be the same school Ana ended up going to. When Ana went to Healing Spirits herself (2019-2020), her family friend was by her side every step of the way.

In her spare time, Ana enjoys trail running, hiking, painting and cooking with her friends and family. Her goal is to get outside often and enjoy nature. Ana wants her clients to know that she will honor their needs and will provide a safe space for everyone.


Monday 11-8:15
Wednesday 10-7:15
Thursday 8-3
Sunday 11-8:15

Please check our online booking system for any schedule changes and this therapist’s availability.

“I saw Ana to focus on stiffness in my lower back and overall mobility. She was great in really listening to my needs and asking great questions. The massage itself was wonderful and definitely helped my back and overall wellness. Definitely recommended!”–Steve S

“Ana was incredible. Totally familiar with anatomy details and able to address my body in technical and energetic ways. Her massage is deep and therapeutic. I will be coming back as much as I can.”

“Ana is an amazing therapist and I would highly recommend her. Overall always a wonderful experience.”–Joseph S.