Snow Shoveler

10 Safe Snow Shoveling Tips!

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Snow Shoveler

Safe Shoveling Tips

Here are some tips to help minimize your shoveling effort and keep you healthy for your next adventure. Be extra careful when there is wet, heavy snow.

  1. Do a little warm-up stretch before you begin.
  2. Get out early and start shoveling before it gets too deep! (this gets you on the slopes faster too)
  3. Be sure to push the snow, don’t lift it.
  4. If you must lift, stand with your feet under your hips, hands close to your body and lift with your legs.
  5. Wet spring & fall snow is heavy, only move a 1/2 shovel full at a time.
  6. Be careful when twisting to throw snow and don’t throw snow over your head.
  7. Take a few breaks to give your body a rest. Enjoy the beautiful moisture falling, you’ll appreciate it in a few months.
  8. Be sure to drink plenty of water.
  9. Hire a neighborhood kid or local plow to help you. Or purchase a snow blower.
  10. If you feel pain, stop immediately and contact a medical professional.

When you’re done, put away your shovel, do a light stretch and get up to the mountains for some fresh tracks.
You’ve earned them!


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